Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Upcoming Events and Marketing Tips

March was an exciting month, following the Blog Tour of noted author J.A. Konrath promoting his book “Afraid.”

Starting off the month of April, featuring another talented novelist John Wayne Cargile, promoting his book “The Cry of the Cuckoos,” it’s a marvelous beginning for this aspiring author.

In the next coming week, weeks, days perhaps, cross your fingers, I hope to feature two other novelists.

One is Sylvia Dickey Smith a wonderful writer and fellow Persist and Publish Group (Writers Village University) member. If you are an aspiring author (like me) you can visit the P & P Group Website and see pictures of Sylvia (way back when,) when she along with other members attended the SAN DIEGO WRITER'S CONFERENCE unfortunately I didn’t get to attend, but the ladies that did, came back with a lot valuable insight for those of us that didn’t. They had a ball.

You can read an excerpt of her latest novel Dead Wreckoning at her website. All I can say is follow the Sidra Smart Series; it is about a middle-aged woman filled with determination and strength, as she starts life a new, becoming a detective and proving herself.

Our next guest will be the noted author Margot Finke, talking about her children’s books series Margot Finke’s Books For Kids.

Links filled with tips and advice that Michael Hyatt Publisher shared on FaceBook.

Michael Hyatt According to Seth Godin, we have our marketing strategy exactly backwards. “First, Ten”:
Seth Godin “First, ten”

Michael Hyatt “10 Things to Expect from a Literary Agent” by @RachelleGardner. Simple, clear, and dead-on

Rachelle Gardner “10 Things to Expect from an Agent”

Happy Writing!

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  1. Hey,

    I like the list of what to expect and not expect from an agent. It's nice to see Sylvia doing so well. She's the nicest gal. I hope she's got plenty of Texan sunshine to keep her in good spirits while she's promoting her new book.




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