Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting in the Groove!!!!

There is a lot going on this week. First off, let’s take a look at Ravenne’s Blog The Raven’s Eye she is working on a project that she’s calling TAP.

TAP, from her description is a venture in to organizing your research, character exploration, plot lines, subplots, etc… of a first draft and making it a finished novel.

If you are interested, Ravenne invites anyone to join her. Don’t have the book? Check out this link for the worksheets you’ll need.“From First Draft to Finished Novel” by Karen S. Wiesner.

Karen Wiesner also has another book“First Draft in 30 Days.” If you want to start there fine.

Onto the next topic, which is incorporating imagery in your fiction? Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo’s co-leader Carol Malley has provided the group with several links on the subject that I would like to share with you.

Incorporating imagery in your fiction writing by Jennifer Roach

Ms. Roach says in her article, imagery is a very important aspect of fiction writing, one that many beginning writers tend to forgo in favor of heightened dialogue or plot. Imagery is sometimes viewed negatively due to its instant connotation to Shakespearean sonnets or classic novels. Let me assure you that imagery is still very much an essential component to any fiction writing. You just have to know how to use it.

Jennifer is a fiction writer, blogger, and freelance editor/proofreader. You can follow her on Twitter@jennifermroach or on MySpace .

How to critique fiction without crushing the author’s spirit.

Click on Jennifer’s name or the link above to read other articles by her.

Other good articles on the subject of imagery and symbolism can be found here:

“Weaving Symbolism and Imagery into Your Story” by Elsa Neal

“How to Use Imagery in Fiction” by Cynthia Scott

Fiction is about taking the reader and transporting them to the world where your character lives. The only way to get there, is through imagery.
Happy Writing!

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  1. WooHOo!

    Girl, you are so up on things! Love how you tied things together. August is going to be a busy month and it's only a week away! Did you know Sweethearts will be doing the Brooks Landon tapes later in the month?

    Missing you over at the Sweethearts.




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