Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Homeless in America!

My heart grieves! The New Year is coming and the old one is so like it was in the days of depression, dare I say freaking similar ‘yes’ in the fact that people are being evicted from their homes and apartments. What makes it so gosh awful is that you have major corporations standing in Washington with their hands out and getting billions of dollars, and no one gives a hoot about a woman and her daughter living in a car, because they have no where else to go.

I am writing a story about older man reliving his experience through the great depression as a young boy, and this morning—so very early—I came across a blog with the story of these two. And the young girl is writing a daily event of what they are going through, and I ask myself what can I do to help, I live thousands of miles away from these two poor souls. All I can do is tell you of their plight.

Visit Blinky St. James Blog and experience what I am experiencing reading after reading about their situation and that sense of hopelessness. Not that they are hopeless, for I am sure that some good fortune will bless them, what I feel hopeless about is our government not extending a helping hand to these two. Blinky’s mom says in her blog that… http://we-need-a-new-beginning.blogspot.com/

Charities don't really treat the homeless or the needy with dignity unless there is a newscamera there.
Every charity that we have been to has treated us like dirt. Like we are part of the drug addicts and alcholics. We are not. I am just a fifty two year old woman with a sixteen year old daughter who wants a job and a place to live. Unless the media is in front of most of these charities they really won't help you. Most people will only donate for tax write offs anyway.
All the people we know have more or less distanced themselves from us because they act like being poor is contagious.
They won't even offer us their couch to sleep on.

I came across this article on Best Selling Author Brandilyn Collins Blog. She will keep the public updated on their plight and has emailed Liz the mother of the young girl information on where to get funds. Pray for these two and visit Blinky’s and Liz’s blogs with tips, encouragement, anything you can do that might help them get back on their feet.

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