Sunday, December 28, 2008

A wanna-be author's daily quest.

I’ve started today’s entry several times in my fruitless attempt of posting something that would seem well structure and stylish. Fortunately, reality woke me before I made some goofball statement of ignorance, as I pound the keys in hopes of presenting something of intelligence, and know now that cleverness comes only from those well versed.
In my quest as both an aspiring writer and blogger, it is my hope to add something of benefit here, for those who also aspire to be more than what they are, be it writer, or poet.
I came across several blogs that I thought would be of interest to those writing and hoping (like myself) to be published one day. Through one of the blogs I follow, I came across Michael Haytt’s “Advice to the First-Time Authors” here is a link to his blog:

On his blog he also list:
Weblogs that reference Advice to First-Time Authors:

During my quest, I came across Brandilyn Collins blog and her article/discussion on Voice Part 1: I created a link also shown under Part 2 below on this blog. Her archives list a multitude of articles on the craft of writing, and I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Happy Writing!

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