Monday, January 19, 2009

Forensics & Faith: Character Arcs -- Part III

Forensics & Faith: Character Arcs -- Part III

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  1. This is a good discussion that has worked those little grey cells of mine to the extreme, thank you; it has been a learning experience with lots of valuable information, for this wanna-be author.
    I do believe though that a character can have flaws or flaw that are basically unredeemable and be put into a situation, where the resolution has a positive outcome and the character come through unchanged, because of that flaw. Say an internal flaw that marks only the character.
    A flaw that makes the character believe that they don’t deserve any better than they are getting, brought on perhaps, by something they did and that there will never be a resolution, too.
    Look at Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone…a fatally flawed character, but not of his making and he doesn’t change in First Blood. There is much in Rambo that people empathize with, although Rambo is a fictional character it is possible that there are lives out there that mirror this situation.
    The structure of the story could start with the resistance of the flawed character getting involved that could be the change that takes place, it is not the change within the character, but the change in the character getting involved, although a minuscule change, a change nonetheless.
    You would still have crises, tension/conflict/resolution, then the character goes on his merry way living the flawed life he/she chooses.



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