Saturday, January 3, 2009

Peddling Backwards when I should be peddling forwards!

The New Year is in the third day and I feel like I’m peddling backwards instead of forwards, cleaning up task that should have been completed days ago… in the old year.

Updates…the homeless mom and the sixteen year seem to have a new beginning to look forward too with all the well-wishers keeping in touch and giving a helping hand. Thank God.

Blinky’s page is updated with answers to questions that has been poised and I must say she has done an excellent job answering questions that people cannot truly know the answers too, unless they walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Life is never easy, nor does it come any easier as we grow older and the aches and pains flood the body making it more difficult to do the task we did when we were younger.

Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo: Boy those ladies have certainly done a marvelous job reviewing Butler’s session 3 and 4 ( I’m behind and I hope they will forgive me for not responding yet to their analysis, I hope to get to it by the end of Sunday) and giving well constructed thoughts on his writing process.

Onto another subject and thought regarding the group, three ladies out of the group has had stories published in this year’s T-Zero Quarterly, a writers village online magazine Link: And I’m not sure if it is open to the public? But Writer’s Village University offers over 200 courses for the aspiring author. The Ladies, whose short story was published, are:

The Beaded Sandals
short fiction by Carolann Neilon Malley

Trying To Beat The Moon
short fiction by Kathy Kubik

The Pond
short fiction by Laurel Wilczek

And Kathy has a poem published also,

a poem by Kathy Kubik

All are extremely talented writers-- way to go ladies; I’m looking forward to seeing your name in print, again.

I’ve far to many irons in the fire, but there seems to be so little time to accomplish all that needs to be done in a day.

Twitter: is fascinating and I’m learning the method of tweeting as I build followers. And you meet so many interesting people to name a few there are, publishers, writers, journalist, webmaster, bloggers the list is endless, as an aspiring author a definite place to be.

Facebook: Like Twitter, FaceBook is another place to increase your network and meet interesting people.

Onward and upward, writing, blogging and keeping up with the task I have set myself to…
Happy Writing!

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