Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Nation in Pain

I’ve been following the Glenn Beck 912 Project, reading the people vent their thoughts and feelings on what is wrong and taking back the country, and the liberty for which this Nation was built upon.

Glenn’s 912 Project 912 Project Vent is about 9 principles and 12 values, but this soul thinks there is another, loving thy neighbor, a moral value not spoken. A quality not intentionally left out, I’m sure, for charity as a value is mentioned. Charity is not something most are seeking.

As we struggle against foreclosures, job loss, and a failing economic system there is real pain, distrust, and anguish in those voices that speak. Uncertainty lies amongst these individuals as to what the answer is that the people can and are willing to do bring this nation back to prosperity. Now is the time to focus on what it is that needs fixing, listing out those priorities and come together in agreement. We are a nation built on strong principles and values.

1) Do we want the government taking away our rights as individuals on a daily bases? The answer is obviously, No!

2) Do we want our Voices heard? The answer is obviously, Yes!

3) Has the structure failed to protect the people from the frailties of its rulers? The answer is obviously, Yes!

4) Is everyone seeking substance to help with their struggle in preserving their homes, their health benefits, the right to maintain a minimal existence of life, free loaders? The answer is obviously, No!

What I ask, is it right for companies to be able to over inflate cost, under pay workers to a point that the rising cost, a cost that affects the majority of the people their homes, the right to place food on the table and have a bare minimal health care. I don’t believe the founding father’s meant for this to happen intentionally either. Although many of the founding father’s built their wealth on indentured servants, obviously is not the answer!

Greed is what is overwhelming America, the success of an individual or individuals willing to morality do the unethical to reach the success they desire and not care at who’s expense.

Read this article America's Disease is Greed by Andrew Greeley America's Disease is Greed

A brief excerpt:

Greed is responsible for the obscene salaries of CEOs. In the '90s the ratio of CEO compensation to average workers' compensation was 250 to 1, meaning that the boss earned on his first day of work during a year as much as the worker did in a whole year. In European countries the ratio is closer to 100 to 1. Recent estimates put the current ratio at 500 to 1 -- the boss makes as much before lunch as the worker does all year. Greed is the cause of the high wages paid to the bosses even if the company is failing.

What is the answer?

People have the right to prosper. Yes!

People have the right to the American Dream. Yes!

But at what cost and to who?

Are the people in Need? Yes!

Do the people Need help? Yes!

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