Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Word for the Aspiring Author!


What does the word mean to the aspiring author? It’s not about a raised surface, a stage, a stand, a podium, a pulpit or a balcony defined by the thesaurus. It’s about marketing and promoting, and it is crucial for the aspiring author to learn the techniques of today’s marketing trend.

How to learn about these tips and techniques, by reading what others in the know are saying, learn to blog, follow the articles they write on the subject.

Author Platform - The New Buzz Word by Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Need a platform? By Agent Terry Burns

Fiction Platform by Agent Rachelle Gardner

How Important is an Author's Platform by Michael Hyatt, editor of Thomas Nelson Publishers

Building A Platform by Agent Chip MacGregor (Click on Archive, Jan. 11, 2009)

Another good article I came upon via twitter.
From The Times
March 30, 2009
Authors fight free books site Scribd for ‘pirating’ their work
Bestselling novels are reproduced without publishers’ permission.


  1. Great Collection of links, JB.

    I'm always interested in the idea of a "Platform" for authors. Very thoughtful pov from the one editor who points out that no platform will do the job is the book is lousy.

    Worth the stp!

  2. How true, and that is why we get together and share the tips and knowledge we gain from each other. And you do a wonderful job of it.



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