Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taking the Plunge and Mystery out of Creative Writing.

I want to thank Raven, for joining me last week here at “A Writer’s Group Blog,” she did an excellent job sharing with us her insight thoughts on sensory memory. As an aspiring author, I know it took a lot out of her, so give her a big hand for taking the plunge into the cold dark water and coming up with such insightful comments.

I’m sure you are looking left and right wondering what kind mystery lies in creative writing, suggestive by the title of this article. Well, it is a mystery to this aspiring author that more wanna-be’s (aspiring authors) are not blogging, sharing blogs and social networking than there is, that’s where the mystery lies, not in the craft of fiction.

Where does the mystery lie!

Too me, there is real mystery that the aspiring won’t take the plunge to promote themselves by creating a blog, or a webpage, or joining Twitter or Facebook, diving headfirst into social networking to promote themselves. It’s no longer about sitting and waiting for the royalties or being famous novelist with editors and agents breaking down the door for you, it’s not something to take lightly, but something every writer, poet, artist of any caliber should be thinking about and doing. I’m not a social butterfly and find myself often quivering over the possibilities of the mistakes I make, which is often, both speaking and writing, usually what comes to mind, comes out of the mouth, either spoken or written. Those flub-dubs a scattered brain can formulate.

As you know, I’ve been following J.A. Konrath’s Blog Tour. Think of it, me doing an interview with a well-known published author—wow, I was shaking in my boots, scared all the way down to the knobby toes in my socks. Not only is J.A. Konrath a talented author, and a heck of a nice guy, humorous as well, it was a quite an experience and a treat for this aspiring author. I wouldn’t have had the chance, if I had not taken the plunge.

I follow a lot of blogs, especially those that discuss creative writing. Blog following is part of social networking. Day 28 of J.A. Konrath’s blog tour, he was interviewed by another well-known author, Alexandra Sokoloff here Jack Kilborn discusses the “Anatomy of a Horror Scene.” You can’t go wrong as you study the craft of fiction, by following such talented published writers and the tips and techniques they share.

Why not take the plunge?

What are the benefits of creating a blog, a webpage, joining a social network group? There are many and I’ll attempt to name a few.

On Twitter and Facebook, social networking sites you come in contact with agents, publishers, published authors and wanna-be’s like ourselves.

Blogs, ah the blog, many authors, agents and publishers are blogging, and giving advice to the aspiring, sharing their views on the subjects such as marketing, the craft of fiction.

Webpages: Authors construct their own webpages (or have a professional do the job) to feature their latest novels or to help sales increase on books all ready released. It is definitely a good self-promotional tool.

Read: Literary Agent Nathan Brandsford’s article “It's The End of Publishing As We Know It: Do You Feel Fine?

Read: Seth Godin’s Blog Advice for Authors

In today’s day and age, it is not just about writing the greatest novel ever told, it’s about self-promotion, and exposure, the internet is becoming one of the hottest marketing tools available.

Read: Ten Great Ways to Promote Your Book

Happy Writing!


  1. Excellent post, JB.

    I've enrolled in "Writing for the Web" offered as a module class at WVU. I hope to learn how to set up a creative website to use as both an informative and promotional tool. This is a huge step for me. I'm a puter idiot. I might as well be eating a banana and scratching my armpits as I read computer lingo.

    Bob H has his work cut out.

    Oh, and I could have taken this at the local college, but $ and time was a major factor and I wanted to take it with a group of writers. That way, they'd be translating everything according to my needs.


  2. You go girlfriend, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out? Ah, you've got a new blog on blogger? Keep on trucking you will be puter literate before you know it. Check out Mandarin CSS tips and tricks. Mandarin Design Daily
    You may not know what that is but it will come to you.

  3. Thanks JB!

    Don't worry. I'm afraid I may have to take you up on that offer. Love the links to this article. I'm surfing through them now. You really cut down on the work for any writer looking for information. That's why I make it a point to stop in every day. There's always something here to help me learn.

    Catch ya later,


  4. Thanks Raven, you are a fantastic supporter does this old heart good. When you need that help don't hesitate, pop me a line and I'll do what I can.



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