Monday, September 14, 2009

The Blood-Red Pencil: Editors, Editors, and More Editors

The Blood-Red Pencil: Editors, Editors, and More Editors

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  1. JB!

    You've got the jump on twitter with this one. I read it here, first, then just got a tweet about this a day or so ago. GREAT link! I don't think many people understand the breakdown of job responsibilities when it comes to editing services. The only reason I discovered this was because someone in my WVU Web site class was building a website to offer editing services.
    I never realized that there are differences in proofreading, editing, and beta reading. Nor did I think about the fact that while some editing services might excel at dealing with grammar and structure issues, they might not be the service to use for a particular genre of writing. This isn't a "one-fits-all" service. Right now, I'm "shopping" around for an edit service. I haven't decided to use one, but I'm thinking I might put out three short stories to a service and see what I get for my money. I have a strong critique group, I'm thinking of something more refined, like scene cohesion, character & setting balance...things that lie further under the surface than basic grammar.

    Good one. I'm printing it out.

    I hope you and your husband are well. Miss you at the "Sweethearts" Club!




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