Monday, September 14, 2009

Who Said Pixies Are Rational Creatures?: Gary Corby - Guest Post

Who Said Pixies Are Rational Creatures?: Gary Corby - Guest Post


  1. The interesting thing about this article is that it is so specific. Research is not a topic that seems very popular. I suppose that's because most people aren't very fond of doing it. I relate complete to this writer. If I'm not careful, research will distract me and actually harm my story.What to include, what not to include? Did I really need to read four books on the history of the Lenape Indians to include one small paragraph on a battle that took place near a local hospital?
    Unfortunately, I think I did. The alternative is to move forward, hesitantly, with the risk of being tagged as a writer doesn't know her stuff. Authenticity can be a pain in the butt.
    I take Corby's advice to heart. Control thy inquisitive nature during the research process lest your bones be discovered in the attic of some library surrounded by dusty books.


    Like this one!


  2. Love the last line Raven, how true. I often found myself in the library and courthouse pushing the envelope to the last min as security pointed to the clock on the wall, reminding me it was closing time. LOL

    But then I love to research.



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