Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blogs, Blogging and the Creative Writer.

I agree somewhat with Blair Hurley of Creative Writing Corner that blogging doesn’t necessarily make you a creative writer, not a fiction writer that is anyway, but it doesn’t diminish the skill level a blogger uses in the aspect of writing, and the techniques utilized to capture a reader.

Blair Hurley goes into great detail on subject of creative writing on his blog Why Blogging Isn't Creative Writing .

My thoughts are more on the beginning writer and the skills learned in blog writing and the creativity you must use to capture the vast number of readers, agents, as well as publishers you want to visit your blog.

The process starts with marketing your novel, short stories, and your creative writing skills through a blog. Search the internet and you will find all types of blogs by authors. Published authors blog for many reasons, as a daily diary, journal notes, but to a large extent they do it to promote their books, and to share their knowledge and advice on the process of creative writing. Authors socialize with other authors through co-blogging, guest blogging, and giving interviews about their novels on blogs. The internet has become the trend toward publication; even agents and publishers blog and they expect their clients to have a website or a blog or both, lets face it is good PR.

A good article by Marilyn Henderson Marketing Your Novel: Building the "Buzz" stresses how important it is for the beginning author without a proven track record, and considering a publishers budget these days(especially in this economic crisis) to pick up the ball and run with it.

Another good article to read is, Internet Marketing for Novel Writers.

As a beginning novelist learning the tips and techniques of the trade, and keeping up with the trends, I am also learning that social networking is an essential part of the process.

Social Networking sites such as Twitter is definitely a place to start networking and meeting authors, agents, publishers, est.… Twitter and Facebook, too. A cool relaxed environment to socialize and meet those you admire.

Blogging is an essential networking tool for the beginning writer and it will keep you writing and advance those creative skills in different form of writing.

No blog writing is not creative writing in the sense that you create a character for a story or a novel, but in blog writing, you do write a beginning, and a middle, hopefully the ending (the resolution) is that it helps another writer learn what the new marketing trends and publication are, and it's all about sharing the knowledge.

Would love to get comments on the subject.
Happy Writing!

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