Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tips for the writer that wants to Blog, but fears the technical aspects of blogging.

I’ve been promoting blogs, and trying to instill in the beginning writers, writers not yet published, and why it is essential they blog. The market for publication is fragile, especially considering the economic crisis we are in, and it will be up to those wanting to be published to help promote their work.

Read Seth Godin’s Advice Authors Seth says, “The best time to start promoting your book is three years before it comes out. Three years to build a reputation, build a permission asset, build a blog, build a following, build credibility and build the connections you'll need later.”

The easiest as well as the simplest and less technical blogging platform that I have come across is

I’m including a YouTube Blogger help video in this link to help guide those interested in blogging and fear the technical aspects of creating one, there are several videos that guide you step by step in creating your blog. Blogger Help

Hopefully this helps the wanna-be blogger/writer.

Happy Writing!


  1. Hi Joan,

    I'm cruising around instead of getting work done. ARGH! I noticed your latest post and wanted to tell you that, weirdly enough, I just took the step of setting up a blog minutes ago. I used I'm thinking of starting with a commentary or journal with links to blogs like yours and Joni's which offer great links and are much more developed than mine. Right now, I'm staring at the edit button on my new blog and pondering the consequences of pushing it. Will the corrections be made or will the post soar off into cyberspace?

    Alas, I only have a wee birdie brain.


  2. Hi Raven,
    You go girlfriend, send me the link I would love to view your blog. Boy if you are doing Wordpress your brainier than I am with it, it frightens me. Would love a link to Joni's also.

  3. I will as soon as I figure this out. I bought one of those dummies books and am reading through it. I'm sure Joni will let us link up.

    catch ya later,

  4. Sounds good and if you need any help let me know, and if I can, I'll do it.



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