Thursday, February 5, 2009

Social Bookmarking and the Writer’s Blog

Social Bookmarking and the Writer’s Blog.
This article By rappinhood got me thinking about social bookmarking Social_Bookmarking_For_Writers.

Let’s face it, social bookmarking is a way to connect with the masses and have your voice heard throughout the world by way of the internet. This writer believes social bookmarking is here to stay at least for a while, and gives the writer/author valuable press coverage.

Social bookmarking users are interested in well-written content, so where better for the writer to display their articles/ short stories or excerpts from a novel they wish to publish than via a social bookmarking site and receive comments as well.

A list of Social Bookmarking Sites available to the writer.

Display the widgets from each social boolmarking site at the end of your topic, through the RSS Feed the reader can subscribe to your writing. If you are uncertain how to do this join Feed 101 has a users group and forum will teach the writer about feeds and how to use them, I won’t go into the details on feed widgets that would be whole new article.

This writer can’t think of better publicity angle than to publicize their writing and be read than through social bookmarking, nor a better way to improve your writing skills from the comments you will receive.

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