Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting Washington to Get Their Duck’s in a Row!

The phrase was first coined in a magazine article in 1932 that suggested, "getting our economic ducks in a row."

We know who is in charge…A Democratic Congress…how do we know that? They've said it often enough! We have the House! Okay, you've got it and you've passed a so called Stimulus package that is suppose to create jobs or is it save jobs? 

Which is it boy's and girl's? Make up your mind!

You've placed enough blame on the Republicans to last a lifetime. Now who's going to take the blame if this STIMULUS Package doesn't work? Somehow or another you'll find a way to blame the Republicans.

Considering you don't know what bipartisanship is…according to Merriam Webster… involving members of two parties; specifically: marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties.

In this humble citizen's opinion, the Dem's act like Donald Duck on steroids. You've seen Donald when he's mad and doesn't get his way-the way he throws a hissy fit.
And if you haven't seen's Donald Duck…

You'd think they'd act like adults, wouldn't you, especially with people losing their jobs and homes.  I don't want anyone losing their jobs, but I wonder what would happen if Congress, and the Senate, as well as the man in the White House woke up one morning and didn't have a job? What would they do? There isn't that many jobs out there…oh well, wait a minute, isn't that what all this pork is about? 

Wasn't this supposed to be about Mainstream America, saving people's homes? Their jobs?  Helping people get through this crisis, saving America?


You'd think they'd act like adults wouldn't you, especially with people losing their jobs and homes. Well it might do them good to wake up one morning and not have a job, too. If they keep on acting the way they're doing, it might just come down to that. 

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